Trianium [2-Pack] Soft Skin Screen Protector for Galaxy S8 Plus


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Product Description

The Ultra-Clear Innovative Screen Protector

Designed for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 2017 ONLY
The flexible case friendly TPU film shield is amazingly thin, perfectly matches the contours of Galaxy s8 Plus to keep your screen pristine and work with most protective cases.

High Definition
Made from patent flexible material and is anti-shatter, anti-chipping, anti-scratch and optically clear.

No Smudging
Protect against, sweat, oil residue, and fingerprints with the ultra-clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating.

For Optimal Use: The drying process will take 6 -8 hours. It’s recommended to install the protector before bed time. You must allow enough time for the soft skin to dry out in order to avoid peeling and distortions.

Additional Information

Is This Screen Protector Case Friendly?

Yes, it is case friendly. Be sure to allow sufficient time for the skin to dry before putting a case on.

What Is The Touch Responsiveness With The Screen Protector Applied?

You will receive complete touchscreen responsiveness with the screen protector applied.

How Do I Install The Screen Protector?

Refer to the instruction manual that comes with the original box. Or, visit for an installation guide.

I’m Getting Air Bubbles. How Do I Fix This?

Use the squeegee to push out water between the screen and protector starting from the center of the screen and out toward the corner. Remaining air bubbles may take drying time of 6-8 hours to fully disappear.

Will The Screen Protector Cover My Front Facing Camera?

No, the skin was created to be case friendly, therefore, the screen protector does not cover past or affect the front facing camera.

What Kind Of Material Is The Screen Protector Made Out Of?

The skin is made of a flexible TPU film to shield against chips, scratches, and shattering.

How Long Will It Take To Fully Install The Screen Protector?

It will take up to 30 minutes to install the screen protector and 6-8 hours wait time for the case to completely dry.

Will This Skin Leave Fingerprints Marks?

An ultra-clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating protects against fingerprints and oil-residue.

I Made A Mistake. Can I Start Over?

Peel off the screen protector and repeat the installation process again by using the installation spray to completely wet the skin.

What Type Of Warranty Comes With The Screen Protector?

Trianium promises to secure your purchase for the duration of the soft skin screen protector’s life. For additional questions or concerns, contact us at


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