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  • At Trianium, we utilize the world’s best distribution platform, “ Amazon.com “, to handle your order. Genuine Trianium products are only available through the authorized seller name -“ TrianiumDirect “, on Amazon. Products purchase from sites like eBay or craigslist, or from unauthorized storefronts, flea markets or swap meets are always questionable. 
  • Jura Outdoor is re-branded to “Juro” starting Oct. 2019 due to marketing decision & the brand pending registered. All Juro product is a private label and is owned and operated by the company: Love Deal Inc with Amazon Store name “ TrianiumDirect”.
  • BabyX product is private label and is owned and operated by Love Deal Inc with Amazon Store name “ TrianiumDirect”.  We specialize to provides accessories to ease parent’s daily life in baby caring.

TrianiumDirect is the only authorized seller, distributor and marketer of Trianium products in the United State / China.

Amazon.com – Only buy from store that states: “Ships from and sold by “TrianiumDirect” or “Sold by TrianiumDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon”.


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Check Out our Amazon Webstore: http://amzn.to/293ViQn



Trianium products are always complete with packaging outside and written materials inside. If the packaging is damaged, faded, sloppy, incomplete, or contains misspelling, the product it contains likely a fake.



Trianium products feature the most advanced materials, designs and engineering. Signs of a counterfeit include poor workmanship, low quality, cheap materials, blemishes, dirt, etc.